Geotactical Solutions


Geo Tactical Solutions and SAIC have partnered to bring our customers GeoRover and a significant reduction in training requirements for ArcGIS. The 500SE-M GPS Tactical Camera was seen early on by the GeoRover development team at SAIC as an essential image intelligence collection tool. Images captured by the 500SE-M are natively confgured to be ingested into the many GeoRover tools making geo-referenced photos.

GeoRover geospatial software products are developed by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) and are designed and sold as extensions or "plug-ins" to the ArcMap™ component of ESRI ArcGIS Desktop GIS software versions 8.x and 9.x.

  •  Data Import: The data import wizard rapidly and flexibly ingests non-spatial data with coordinates from many different sources (spreadsheets, text, databases) and in many formats into ArcGIS.
  • Field Data Collection/Visualization: Plot routes and collected field data as layers in ArcGIS. Field data is collected with commercial GPS receivers and other components (digital cameras, GPS camera modules, voice recorders)
  • Data Creation/Editing: Easy to use, interactive interface within ArcMap for creating and editing feature layers.
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